Designed for an exclusive audience, MI-SU sex life accessories marry aesthetics and pleasure, taking sophistication and sensuality into a new dimension.

Our range of aesthetically designed dildos, rings and plugs have been sculpted and crafted to produce the ultimate objects of desire. Inspired by natural, organic forms and made from titanium, obsidian, rose quartz, gold, silver and a range of precious stones. MI-SU love life accessories offer a captivating combination of eye-catching beauty and sensuality.

Assured to arose and satisfy the most ardent of desires our beautifully formed sex toys are exclusive to MI-SU. Our aim in creating these products has been to provide the ultimate compliment and frisson to life’s most exquisite and fulfilling experience. To ensure these very personal objects reflect your individual desires and tastes, they can be crafted to your individual requirements. MI-SU Couture offers a choice of select materials carefully suited to each particular toy and your tastes. Your chosen object of desire can also be decorated with the jewellery and birthstones that further reflect your individuality. Please take your time to read through the MI-SU press section, to see what others have said about MI-SU and our products.

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    Rose Quartz