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Mi-Su, the designer sex toys manufacturer has launched an on-line store which features a range of innovative and stylish toys, plus a bespoke design service.

Until now Mi-Su products have been available in selected stores in London, but now they are available to customers worldwide.

Mi-Su has created a luxurious product range which is a fusion of jewellery and sex toys. Made of solid titanium, rose quartz and obsidian, and adorned with diamonds, sapphires and other precious and semi-precious stones, the products are both decorative and fun. For a more personal touch, the full range of birth-stones and zodiac stones is available.

Rebecca Doyle, image director, says: “Our ‘Sexual Aesthetics’ range of sex toys are beautiful and sexy bringing together form and function perfectly. Sex toys have made their way out of the closet, but we gone one step further in creating toys that combine sculptural shapes and exquisite materials with functional design.”

Mi-Su has also launched a bespoke service allowing customers to be as creative and imaginative as they wish in designing their own unique toy. “We chose our materials with great care. Titanium, used for our dildos and rings, is a very versatile material, and perfect for these products”, said Paul Ruscoe, Mi-Su chief executive , “Titanium’s unique properties make it an interesting alternative to white gold or platinum, and it can be produced in a spectrum of beautiful colours such as pale gold, ice blue and violet”

Sexual Aesthetics is a collection of luxurious, sexy and highly individual toys made from all natural materials. Sexual Aesthetics is a fusion of innovative design, jewellery and sex toys, for people who never compromise on style.

Inspired by nature, these toys have organic, natural contours which are beautiful and functional. So while they look fantastic, they also hit the right spot! 

The collection is made from solid titanium, rose quartz and obsidian, and adorned with diamonds, sapphires and other precious and semi-precious stones.

Because you are an individual, the Sexual Aesthetics Collection is made to suit your preferences. With a wide range of colours and stones to choose from, a Sexual Aesthetics toy is a very personal possession.

Mi-Su has chosen the materials for the Sexual Aesthetics Collection carefully:

Titanium is completely hypoallergenic, warm to the touch, non porous and can be made in a range of beautiful colours. It is very comfortable to use, durable and water-proof!  In addition, this material can be heated or cooled, adding a sexy to twist to intimate moments.

Obsidian is a natural black volcanic glass (formed by the quenching of hot lava by the sea) and it is said to have healing qualities and to promote balance and serenity.

Rose quartz is said to soothe and warm the heart, and to encourage love, peacefulness and emotional balance.