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Mi-Su Penetrates Arena Magazine


“Valentines gifts are a high risk affair: get them right and she’s on her knees in a flash, wrong and your on your knees picking up the pieces while she moans about you on the phone. Simple formula: find something romantic, expensive, sexy and personal. Mi-Su can make you up a dildo or anal toy in your choice of material – titanium, say, or obsidian or rose quartz – and set with any of a range of precious or semi-precious stones. Mind you, these babies are heavy, so you might even have to help out rather than simply sit back and watch the action. With luck, she’ll then be moaning for the right reason.”

Love Luxury

Milan based luxury lifestyle guru’s VICTIM highlights Mi-Su in the luxury products section for the very first time.

Deborah Sundahl – US Sex Therapist

Widely respected US sex therapist and author, comments on the Mi-Su range of products.

“Honoring our erotic needs and taking the time to give ourselves pleasure nurtures us deeply. It expands our creativity, relaxes our mind to create a sense of well being, floods the body with endorphins to aid our immune system, and gets us back in touch with what it means to love and be loved. Naturally, it should be done with erotic items that are beautifully designed and of the highest quality; something that represents the love we feel when we enter the erotic realm. Itemst we can treasure for a lifetime.

Mi-Su is that rare company who understands this and has designed items we can love.”

Dr Tuppy Owens praises ‘Pure erotic class’

Founder of the ‘Night of the Senses’ and ‘The Erotic Awards’Dr Tuppy owens (UK Sex Coach and pioneer, acknowledges the works of Mi-Su.

Dr Owens comments:-

“Bejewelled dildos and cock rings made of precious metals that look and feel amazing. Like a crown or engagement ring, the jewels glorify the dildo’s intention – to be put in the vagina, or on a cock.”

“How did they know?” was Tuppy’s immediate reaction.

“The weight of the dildo encourages good Kegel strengthening, and the handle end provides manoeuvrability, either by yourself or your partner(s). “

“At last! A dildo which is not a cheap gimmick or groaning piece of vulgarity, but pure erotic class.”

Mi-Su nominated by the public, were Erotic Awards Finalists in September 2005.

Mi-Su features in Erotic Review

“Innovative and fashionable toys that sit alongside Agent Provocateur, Louis Vuitton or Jimmy Choo as a premium brand, MI SU’s sex toys are a highly innovative blend of metals and jewellery engineering with lifestyle design.” “MI SU has built a formidable alliance of talent to support the development of their cutting-edge product range including Swarovski and sculptors who have been commissioned by the like of the Sultan of Brunei”